FirstClass Server Rules

Welcome to FirstClass Rules:

The rules stated below will be expected to follow. They will help you around the server to know what’s right in order for your role playing to be enjoyable. We do like the help on catching rule breakers, knowing these rules will also help you make a ban request to help the server out, and you. We want everyone’s time here to be enjoyable and we know all of you would like to role play smooth as well. However, if a staff member is online and you can tell by the icon next to their name, you can use “@” with information to get a staff member to come to you. Please finish reading the rules down below.

General Rules:

1.1 CDM (Car Death Match) and RDM (Random Death Match) are not allowed in anyway.
1.2 Insulting anyone OOC (Out Of Character) is not allowed, respect each other well.
1.3 Racism is not allowed. Example: (Racist jokes, racist signs, etc.)
1.4 Having cheats or hacks will result in a permanent ban.
1.5 Scamming fellow players will result in a permanent ban as well.
1.6 Spamming is not allowed, such as (Chat spam, mic spam, prop spam, etc.)
1.7 Lying to a staff member when being appointed is not allowed.
1.8 If you need assistance, use “@” Don’t use OOC for that. Example: (@ My car is stuck in the wall)
1.9 When you request an admin, please wait as they may be busy. Saying that “These admins suck” because they’re not fast will result in a kick
1.10 Do not try to argue with a admins decision, they have the final say on anything that you come upon
1.11 Advertising anything on the server, example: (Another server, YouTube channel, social media account, etc.) will result in a permeant ban.
1.12 Using a hotkey that makes you move around when AFK to avoid the timer will result in a long term ban.
1.13 Attempting to crash the server will result in a permanent ban.
1.14 Double accounting is highly against the rules, permanent ban is the only option like
1.15 One sided evidence will punish the person posting it.

Job Rules:

2.1 Changing jobs to avoid any RP situation is not allowed.
2.2 Don’t metagame and change jobs to help a friend or anything else.
2.3 Jobs are taken serious, not doing your job will result in a demote.
2.4 If you’re a citizen and you want to change your job name, make sure it’s appropriate and will not mess with anyone else’s RP.
2.5 If you know you’re going to be AFK for a while, switch jobs to citizen that way others can RP.
2.6 Changing jobs to have the advantage like “Changing to gun dealer to get ammo for you and leave” is known as powergaming and will not be allowed, being seen doing that can result in a kick or more.
2.7 Team killing will not be tolerated, there is no excuse doing so.
2.8 Don’t make a job that will conflict with the rules, example: (Hitman)
2.9 Make sure you don’t abuse any tool that you get as that job.
2.10 If police or DEA hear sounds like drugs being produced or money being printed, they ARE allowed to get a search warrant.
2.11 When making a job that will work with any other default job, you must follow the laws or rules just like they have to do.
2.12 Having a private job, example: (Private Chef) is allowed, but you must still do your job to others.
2.13 Everyone is allowed to make a custom job. If another custom job conflicts with yours, you can deal with it in a RP matter.

Vehicle Rules:

3.1 As stated above, CDM is not allowed in anyway.
3.2 Using your car/truck to jump over a wall is allowed.
3.3 Ramming other player’s cars for no reason will result in a warning, then a kick.
3.4 Using your car for a roadblock is allowed, just don’t make any unrealistic moves, example: (Spots car ramming through road signs, taking no affect)
3.5 If your car is stuck on a little bump, you’re allowed to prop push it GENTLY, anything beyond that, call an admin
3.6 You may NOT try to make anything on your car other than something realistic, like a trailer
3.7 Drive normal, don’t drive on the wrong side of the road and make it dangerous for others.
3.8 Doing anything to make your car look unrealistic is not allowed.
3.9 The color of your car in fact does matter, don’t have a really bright color on every car you own.
3.10 Having a person in the back of your truck is allowed at your own risk
3.11 You may make a lift for your car only for RP.

Criminal Rules:

4.1 Mugging players is allowed with a valid reason, example: (My mother is getting surgery, she needs the money) Maximum amount is $1000.00
4.2 When mugging someone, you cannot mug them again for 30 minutes and need another reason, must be a different reason from last time.
4.3 You may steal cars with a valid reason, example: (The person that has mugged you) you must provide it back to them and can always ask for money.
4.4 Chop shops are allowed but you can only steal with the stated reasons above
4.5 Having a hostage needs a reason, when having one, you can’t hold them longer than 15 minutes. Max demand is $2000.00
4.6 If you hold someone at gun point and they break fearRP, don’t kill them. Call an admin to deal with it.
4.7 When trying to RP as a criminal, you need a realistic location for what you’re Role playing, example: (Thugs would have a beat up home at industrial, rich criminals would have a nice house at the villa)
4.8 Having contraband is allowed, don’t spawn it in the middle of the street or any obvious locations, keep it safe and protect it.

Government Rules:

5.1 As a government employee you have higher priorities and superiors. You must obey them and failure to do so may end up in demotion from the position.
5.2 All warrants must be valid, example: (Hearing contraband, improper parked vehicle, gun shots heard)
5.3 A custom job from government would be, (Secret Service, Impound officer, F.B.I., C.I.A., etc.)
5.4 When impounding a car, make sure it goes right to the impound, caught joy riding in another person’s car will be demoted or kicked.
5.5 Being corrupt is allowed, don’t take it to a too far. When being corrupt, you may team with an underground team, going over the limits will get you demoted or kicked.
5.6 When someone does not stop their car, you chase them, you never shoot at the car UNLESS they are about to cause harm or have been causing harm, other than that, you chase them until they stop
5.7 Roadblocks are allowed, you can use your cars or road sign props. Don’t freeze anything in the road unless the car can break through it.
5.8 Stun gun should only be used when someone Is running away, or is getting very aggressive with the officers, don’t tase them because they littered right in front of you, talk it out.
5.9 Government officials have many different tools to use in order to keep the city safe, abusing these tools can get you banned.

Fireman Rules:

6.1 Only use the fire axe to break down a door when there is a fire inside, not for no reason.
6.2 The firetruck is big, if found using it to ram cars/players will result in a blacklist and a ban.
6.3 Listen to others in the radio, they will call you down if there is a fire
6.4 Team up with fellow firemen, going on your own can be a big mix up when all trucks respond and try for one fire.
6.5 You may also team up with paramedics if they would like to join the RP.
6.6 All tools used to be a fireman shall not be abused.
6.7 Firemen may NOT be corrupt, you must continue doing your job normal.
6.8 Using the fire axe to aid others, like criminals will fall under “Tools being abused”

Paramedic Rules:

7.1 Using the health kit to heal yourself because you’re dying of starvation is NOT allowed
7.2 Always respond to calls that are reported in, it’s people’s life on the line.
7.3 Tools are given for a reason, to help others. Don’t abuse them
7.4 Just because you have a health kit does not mean it’s okay to run others over so you can heal them, found doing that will result in a ban
7.5 Paramedics may NOT heal during a raid, ever

Raiding Rules:

8.1 You may only raid with a valid reason.
8.2 Raiding the president because of high tax is not allowed
8.3 There is no reason to raid the president unless he/she turns into a dictator or makes a law that interrupts your daily life.
8.4 When raiding, don’t shoot through a one-way prop.

Tool gun and building:

9.1 Don’t build a doom fort, this is when you make a base that is nearly impossible to raid and has unfair advantages
9.2 Spawning props in the road or in other people’s dupes will result in a warning, then a blacklist
9.3 When you’re building, make sure it’s not in the way of anyone’s RP
9.4 Don’t place a dupe that is outside a store without admin permission, example: (Gun store on the side of the road) Needs admin permission
9.5 Use REALISTIC material and color on your build, having unrealistic colors or materials will be changed.
9.6 Using your tool gun to act like you’re lock picking is NOT allowed
9.6 There are many tools in the tool gun, all need to be used for good, don’t abuse them.

President Rules:

10.1 President must keep a realistic RP always
10.2 When being president, you must take it serious as other players do. Make professional broadcast and do what’s best for the city
10.3 To become a dictator you have to either wait an hour or get explicit permission from a staff member beforehand.
10.4 President must wear a suit, wearing another suit to blend into the security guards is not allowed.
10.5 Have a guard when going out in the streets, it’s not good, and people will try to hurt you.

New Life Rules:

11.1 Always obey NLR, there is no excuse to get out of it.
11.2 NLR is 10 minutes long, you can’t go to the same area or remember anything in your past life, after the time is up, you may return.
11.3 If you see someone conflicting with your NLR area, example: (Stealing car where you died) You can ask for a reason out of character, but you must not return.