FirstClass Forum Rules

General Rules

1.1) Spamming or advertisement is NOT allowed at all. You can and will receive a forums suspension from doing so.
1.2) When posting, make sure you’re in the correct area before you click summit, we recommend that you check the section on the forums to make sure it has not been answered already.
1.3) We ask that you only post in English as this community is English speaking. You may freely speak any language in game other than OOC.
1.4) Keep any personal thought to yourself involving other communities, don’t add fuel to the fire from doing so.
1.5) Do not try and bump your own thread to try and get attention. Players can easily click the section and see what’s new, you’re thread on the homepage will not make a difference.
1.6) We recommended when posting, don’t use a smile face to respond, use your words so the post owner understands.
1.7) Double accounting is not allowed, you have one chance to make this right

Avatar & Profile Rules

2.1) Having any inappropriate avatar will lead into a warning, please try and keep the forums not an age restricted type.
2.2) Respect player’s privacy, don’t put personal information in your bio about somebody else.
2.3) Your profile defines who you are, treat it well, make it look nice. Filling in the blanks with nothing but the same word is not allowed.
2.4) Putting private information in your bio is strongly NOT recommended, we are not going to be held accountable for anything that could happen, that is YOUR choice.
2.5) You may put a rep on players on their profile, do not spam it for no reason, let new players know that they are a friendly player.

Private Messaging (PM’s)

3.1) Do not message someone something that is not appropriate, resolve the problem by contacting a staff member.
3.2) Do not spam the private message command to annoy a player, we have history to see if you’re doing so.
3.3) Do not try and black mail a player by using an image or a threatening message, this will lead to a permanent ban off the server and forums, we will not be known for that type of community.
3.4) Do not message a staff member regarding a ban/blacklist reason, you will be told to post in the appropriate area.

Signature Rules

4.1) Nothing inappropriate within your signature, you will be asked to take it down.
4.2) Do not try impersonating a staff member using their rank and your name, make them resemble yourself.
4.3) Do not old a player accountable in your signature by using a steam chat clip or anything else they have NOT approved of.
4.4) You do have the ability to make your signature large, make it too large and you may be asked to make it smaller.
4.5) You may make other players a signature. Making one for money will not be tolerated and will receive a ban from the forums.


5.1) Staff members have the final say, do not argue with them, if you have a problem, feel free to contact a super admin.
5.2) Trying to express your opinion about the community in a hateful way is not allowed and you will be receiving a suspension.
5.3) Do not insult somebody in a goodbye thread, be respectful towards them even if they were not your favorite.
5.4) Growing a hate towards a staff member and trying to get them demoted is not acceptable in any way.
5.5) Welcome those from another community, don’t try and start a hate war towards where they came from.

Restricted Posting

6.1) If somebody makes a player report and you are not involved, DO NOT post in that section, you will receive a warning if you do so.
6.2) Areas where you are not able to reply, don’t question it, we have it set that way for a reason.
6.3) Personal information of anyone will not come into this community from a post.