FirstClass Bans

Note: the unban times are in default UTC.

ID Name SteamID Reason Unban Time Admin
36LorenzoSTEAM_0:1:86586779Prop Minging and you were warned, not here to RPExpired[FC] Chief
35Randifarr87STEAM_0:0:171914600Minge, Had many warningsExpired[FC:M] Darkside
34CeddySpectatorSTEAM_0:1:119890834Hacking accounts on forums.Never[FC] Adam
32Lord GrinchSTEAM_0:1:121584323DDoSNever[FC] Chief Fayd
28Cox is back with a bangSTEAM_0:1:93479281Not here to RP - Had multiple warnings.Expired[FC:M] Perqe
25★ TheVandal ★STEAM_0:0:41637223randomly stealing cars. Fail rp.Expired[FC] Georgy
24[FC:RP] ApolloSTEAM_0:1:105179311failrp. Ruining passive rp. metagaming.Expired[FC] Georgy
23PsychologicalSTEAM_0:1:171625151Attempted RDM on fellow officer/Trying to handcuff fellow officer/L2APExpired[FC:M] Hunter
22★ TheVandal ★STEAM_0:0:41637223Leaving to avoid an RP situation.Expired[FC:M] Hunter
21FoXXorSTEAM_0:0:65328457Stepping on bodies and killing them.Expired[FC:M] Hunter
20some_kid...?STEAM_0:1:111189357Asking to be killed, FearRP, \'reading rules will take too much time\'Expired[FC] Adam
19stanislav20dSTEAM_0:1:187854864prop minging.Expired[FC] Georgy
18GREENSTEAM_0:0:138367610Racism, Extended (Extended due to current ban)Expired[FC] Chief Fayd
17SolvezSTEAM_0:0:185218045RacismExpired[FC] Chief Fayd
15Nio Chowâ„¢STEAM_0:1:83969343minging. fail rp. not listening to me.Expired[FC] Georgy
14Nio Chowâ„¢STEAM_0:1:83969343DC to avoid punishmentExpired[FC:M] Hunter
13raveNSTEAM_0:0:47619776Staff disrespectExpired[FC:M] Perqe
12Bill CosbySTEAM_0:0:93669704random taze/fear rp/desconnecting to avoid me.Expired[FC] Georgy
11Selling PC Mouse! (TheAnbuGamerSTEAM_0:1:154567482mingeExpired[FC] Georgy
9FrostSTEAM_0:1:99466670BRA (120) - Prop MingeExpired[FC] Adam
8Not BalooSTEAM_0:1:994666702Never[FC] Rossi
5kikiomanSTEAM_0:1:86620225Propspam // Extended by FAYDExpired[FC:M] Hunter
4[MS] ApolloDaddy 🍁STEAM_0:1:105179311rdm,racismExpired[FC:M] xFlash
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