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Full Version: Clown Problem Getting Worse
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As everybody knows, There has been "Killer Clowns" all around the world.

It all started in the United States Of America and spreaded rapidly around the world. These "Killer Clowns" are here to scare people and make them run away but is the problem getting worse each day?

There has been Reports of them Attacking people and injuring them to a Critical Condition. Police have told People to contact them if you have seen any of them in you're area. Now there is new report of the Clowns having the own Purge on Halloween. This was uploaded from the Facebook Page "Clown Hunter"

"WARNING clowns are allegedly planning their own purge the night before Halloween. Stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked."

Do you think this problem is getting worse and Do you think they will attack? I would go with the advice they're giving us as nobody knows. Put you're thoughts below!

I personally solved my clown problem in my area with a sock and some bike pegs
wtf clowns?? lol