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Full Version: PR On:Ronald McDonald
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Thread TitleTongueR On:Ronald McDonald

Name of player:Ronald McDonald

SteamID: (What is the SteamID of the person?)

Summary:RDM - Not Sure.

Evidence: Well, as i didnt see that happened Wowen(Baloo) could reply on this thread to say exactly the case.
It was at 20:22 greek time.You can check the logs for more evidence.
Awaiting reply from Baloo with the evidence needed.
This is your second PR without the SteamID in either one of them, I recommended you change that from here on out
Yeah, had a bit troubles with SteamID finder, gonna fix it atm.
You have 24 hours to provide better evidence, and to provide their Steam ID.

Server Administrator and Developer
Unfortunately, i dont have any evidence.Woven have more evidence, we could wait for him to respond.I'll fix the steamID.
There are too Ronald McRonalds on Steam IDK who was we can find that from the logs the DC time.
Failed to provide evidence and SteamID

Not enough proof to punish player

Thread Locked.